Ashlee Simpson

And all I hear is ay ya ya ya ya
You’re talking way too much
I can’t even hear me now
All your noise is messing with my head
You’re in my head, get outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Get outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Outta my, outta my head
Just what I said, what

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Happy Holidays

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Enjoy this time spent with family and/or friends, try not to stress too much, and have fun opening all your presents. I look forward to reading about everyone's Christmas just becuase I'm sure some of you will come with funny, drama filled stories. 

I'm off to my friends house now and tomorrow I'll probably spend most of my day in the kitchen getting Christmas dinner ready, ugh, I hate cooking. Tuesday I'll probably spend alot of time playing Guitar Hero with my brother since that's what he is getting for Christmas and it looks like fun so I want to try it :) I'm more excited about his presents than my own...

Kite Runner

 Just got home from watching The Kite Runner!!! It was so good :) Definitely worth the second trip to see it... I'll talk more about it tomorrow because I need to sleep now :(  
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Upper Body Cardio Workout

I finally did it.

So, ever since I was a little girl I've been interested in exercise. When I was in middle school I used to wake up early during my summer vacations just to watch Fitness Beach on ESPN. I don't know if anyone watched it but it was a 30 min. exercise program. I loved watching it, not just because of the exercise routines I would learn, but because it was an all chicks program. There was no big-muscle guy lifting 50lb weights or super fit girls that looked like bodybuilders. It was just a couple of girls teaching exercises that you could do at home to tone up, lose weight, and get stronger. I loved it! I would watch in the mornings, record it, take notes, and then in the afternoons I would actually do the routine. I grew up wanting to be like those girls. I wanted to have my own workout show :)

Years later I came across youtube and was extremely excited to see all these different workout routines posted by regular people. I wanted to post my own but I didn't have a video camera and even if I did I just didn't think I would have the guts to actually do it. I'm a pretty timid person so I just forced the idea out of my mind. However, everytime I was on youtube watching these video I got the "itch" again.
Finally I decided, the hell with it! If I want to make a workout routine and post it online that's what I'm going to do :) So I did it, yyeeeiiii me!

Warning: I recorded myself using my digital camera so quality is not that great. There's also this annyonng "beep" in my house (from the smoke alarm) It doesn't really bother me anymore, I guess I'm used to it, but I've heard how extremely annoying it is from my although I think that my friends that come over or that I talk to on the phone alot are used to it too :)

I figured I would post it on here just in case anyone reading is interested in doing a new exercise routine. I know with the holidays we do tend to eat just a bit more than usual, hahhhaaa, so exercising during these dates is a must.

This first video focuses on toning the upper body (biceps, triceps, chest, back, shoulders) while incorporating cardio (exactly what you want to do if you are interested in loosing weight).

You should do about 10-12 repetition of each exercise.
You want to do about 2-3 sets, meaning you would do the entire video 2-3 times.

Also don't forget to warm up: Jog in place or turn on your favorite tunes and dance like no one is watching (this is what I like to do)
Finish the routine with a cooldown and don't forget to stretch.