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I'm 23 years old, I live in Dallas, and I'm a huge tennis fan. Rafael Nadal is my favorite player, if you watched the 2007 Wimbeldon final you would know why. He was absolutely amazing. Definitely looking forward to the 2008 season!  I'm a total bookworm, I enjoy all kinds of books but my favorite genre is historical fiction. I find the Tudor era very interesting, especially King Henry VIII and his many wives :) I also enjoy Yoga. I actually need this in my life right now to keep me sane. I guess on the outside I may look like a happy got everything made type of girl. Like I mentioned above I'm 22, graduated from college this year, I have no kids, a great family, nothing really tying me down but there's something about me that most people don't know which has been the cause of all the heartache in my life. It's stopping me from pursuing my dreams and has led me to push away every person that has ever gotten close to me. It's like I have everyting yet I have nothing. This sentence describes my life right now. Wheeewwww... that was a bit intense. Ok, lets just push those thoughts away... Regardless of my current situation, I try to live my life the best way I can.

My Top Ten




The Kite Runner


Toni Braxton by Toni Braxton

The Bonesetters Daughter

A League of Their Own

Return of Saturn by No Doubt

The Chosen


One In A Million by Aaliyah

The History of Love

Reign Over Me

Lo Que Te Conte Mientras... by LODVG

Breaking Back: How I Lost...

Pirates of the Caribbean

Stripped by Christina Aguilera

Peony In Love


Guapa by LODVG

The Constant Princess

Picture Perfect

Riot! by Paramore

The Other Bolyen Girl

Where the Heart Is

Toxicity by System of a Down

Memoirs of a Geisha

10 Things I Hate About You

Grease Soundtrack

Memoirs of Cleopatra


Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani


Wimbledon Final 2007 Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer
After this match I became a die-hard fan!

soooo close!!!!

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